Why Our Teachers Are Different

Premo teachers are masters of their craft. That's why they are given a great deal of autonomy and are encouraged to teach how they teach best. Much of the school’s success can be attributed to the fact that our teachers are supported and our environment is positive. Happy teachers who feel valued and excited generate an environment of engaged students who feel connected to the joy of learning. Premo educators are honored, respected, trusted, and supported as expert professionals - and as a result, Premo students learn to honor and respect their own work as expert learners. 

Meet Our Staff


Kerry Edgington

Director of Lower School | 

Kerry graduated from the University of West Georgia with a Bachelors of Science in Special Education and received her Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education with a literacy concentration and Reading Endorsement from Georgia State University.


Kerry is a lifelong learner who knew from an early age that she wanted to become a teacher. She taught in the Gwinnett County Public School System for many years. She is committed to the Premo philosophy of nurturing the whole child and fostering every child’s intrinsic desire to learn, grow, and succeed. Kerry takes a special interest in the creation of developmentally appropriate curriculum for children at every level.


Kerry and her husband have three children, all current or former Premo students. She enjoys reading, hiking, and knitting in her free time.


Alashia Cody

Director of Upper School  | 

Alashia has served as an educator for nine years. She has taught English Language Arts and History spanning third through eighth grade in both private and public schools.  She earned a Bachelor of Science at the University of North Georgia in middle grades education with a concentration in English and History. 


Alashia has worked with adolescents as a teacher, mentor, and liaison between school and community. She has led STEM committees, Google integration in the classroom, and relevant writing with a focus on project-based learning.


Alashia is an advocate for humanities-based learning. She believes history, art, philosophy, language, and literature open a window through which humans can experience an entire world from a mere idea, gain a wealth of knowledge from a hypothesis, and experience a single-human perspective with universal connections. 


Alashia is married and has a fourteen-year-old daughter. Together, Alashia and her family love to read, travel, and eat!


Pilar Rodgers

Math & Science Specialist  | 

Pilar graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering. She completed her graduate coursework in Math Education at the University of Georgia. Pilar has taught in formal classroom settings and has tutored 5th - 12th grade students in various settings for over 20 years.


Pilar is passionate about teaching math across the grades. She believes that math literacy isn’t just about learning algorithms and procedures but also about learning how to tackle and solve challenging problems. She is excited to structure a math program that addresses students’ needs in an engaging and creative way that also prepares them for high school math studies. As a result of her engineering training, she loves to answer that famous question, “When are we going to use this in real life?"


Liz Freck

Teacher & Counselor |

Liz dates her love of teaching to her senior year of high school when she participated in a joint program with The University of South Florida that allowed high school students to work as teachers’ aides in classes with at-risk students. Liz went on to graduate magna cum laude from Georgia State University with a BA in psychology, where she was awarded Honors Student of the Year for her research into how children connect with teachers to learn effectively. 


Liz’s passion for teaching and connection with children has led her to hold positions as a preschool teacher, art teacher, Odyssey of the Mind coach, paraprofessional in an inclusive special needs class, curriculum developer for a K-8 program about group collaboration and group dynamics, and children’s sewing instructor. Liz also homeschooled her own children for 8 years. Her teaching style is characterized by an enthusiastic, accepting, creative approach to meeting children right where they are. Liz believes that nothing beats an unfettered imagination when it comes to problem-solving.


When Liz is not teaching, you can find her having adventures with her seven children, who range in age from 3 - 15. As an artist and maker, she is always excited to find new skills to research and learn such as advanced sewing, 3D modeling, and woodworking. She loves roller derby, playing football with her kids, and investigating current topics and world issues from children’s perspectives.


Ashley McGlathery

Ashley McGlathery graduated from Georgia College and State University with a degree in English with a Creative Writing Focus and a minor in Theater. 

Before moving on to obtain her Masters degree in Screenwriting from Bournemouth University in England, She began her professional career as a middle school English and Humanities teacher where she found that creating a meaningful relationship between History, Anthropology and Narrative Development lead to increased engagement and interdisciplinary success among students. 

Ashley was attracted to the Premo School due to its individual approach to education and the ability for the students to find passion in their work, which Ashley believes is the key to a successful relationship with writing.

When she’s not teaching, she can be found crafting stories of her own through both screenplays and prose and spending time with her three-year-old Jack Russell. 


Sarah Sullivano

Early Childhood Education Specialist  | 

Sarah graduated from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts with a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. She has her Masters in Early Intervention for At-risk Children from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Sarah has been a teacher for more than 16 years with a focus on Early Childhood Education, teaching at the renowned Gordon School in Providence, Rhode Island and The Avery Coonley School in suburban Chicago, among others. 


Sarah is a strong believer in teaching the whole child and learning with and from her students. A glimpse into her classroom will present a room full of chatter, fun, exploration, and child-focused experiences. Sarah works hard to foster social/emotional learning as well as encouraging children to take a risk, whether it’s touching the sticky, gooey gak placed in front of them or sharing an idea in front of the class.


Farren Zealand-Cash

Second Grade Teacher  | 

Farren was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After finishing high school, she traveled extensively and lived in Amsterdam as well as the states before pursuing her studies. She earned a Bachelors degree in early elementary education from Cape Peninsula University and taught third-grade Literacy. Farren is very interested in language acquisition and wants to continue her studies in the US focusing on curriculum development.


Farren lives with her husband and two very opposite dogs, a German Shepard and miniature Dachshund. While she once enjoyed traveling, she now spends her free time finding new parks and hiking trails to take her dogs on. 


Taylor Mincey

First Grade Teacher | 

Taylor graduated from the University of West Georgia with a degree in early childhood education with a concentration in special education general curriculum. She is currently working on her masters degree and likes to spend her time away from schools with her fur-children; a chihuahua named Olive and two cats: Lena and Willow. She loves learning about all animals, even the creepy, crawly varieties.


Taylor was attracted to The Premo School because of its focus on the whole child. As an educator, she specializes in early childhood development and firmly believes that children should be given the chance to learn in ways that are organic, exciting, and genuine. She believes each child holds a world of possibilities, and she wants her classroom to be one where students are free to explore all they have to offer. Kindness and understanding will be the driving force for all of Taylor's instruction.


Lauren Dixon

Lauren is a linguist and has an obsession with all things language-related. Lauren has been teaching and tutoring both English and Spanish for nearly a decade to multiple levels of language learners. Lauren allows her students the freedom and flexibility to be curious while offering a safe, healthy environment to make mistakes and acquire greater self-awareness in the process. 


Ashley Cornwall

Ashley graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree specializing in ceramics and art education. Ashley is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Roswell, Georgia to pursue her passion for the arts and teaching. She also teaches pottery classes at The Art Center West in Roswell. 

Ashley has taught art to all levels from toddlers to adults. She has experience teaching at childcare development centers, community art centers, and artist cooperatives. Her passion for sharing her craft stems from spending several years of developing her own body of artwork and becoming a freelance artist. Teaching has allowed her to share her knowledge and passion in hopes of inspiring others to explore their own creativity.


Ashley believes that the curriculum at The Premo School allows her to focus on the skills of each student and their individuality. She aims to help each student develop problem solving skills in order to achieve their ideas and goals. 

"I am not a teacher, but an awakener."

-Robert Frost

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

-Albert Einstein