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What Sets Us Apart?

At The Premo School, we know that children were born to learn.  We know they need to explore, investigate, move, communicate, connect, and play - so everything we do at Premo is rooted in a whole-child approach to education.  Our school meets Monday - Thursday, and in that time, our students receive more instructional time than most 5-day programs offer. 


Our school is a community, where children of all ages can connect in meaningful relationships across grade levels. Our class groupings are fluid, allowing students to be challenged at every ability level. All of our children have a minimum of an hour of outdoor recess a day. Our class groupings are very small: on average, 1:8. Classes meet outside as much as possible.


Premo’s English program is centered on developing a deep connection to language. All of our students read a different high-quality book every month, gathering in book clubs to dive deep into each text. They annotate, discuss, act out, and debate. They hone their writing skills through creative and academic writing, as well as journalism. 


Our innovative math program combines direct small-group instruction with Math Workshop, where students explore concepts further with games, collaborative activities, and interactive challenges. We teach math to a deep level of understanding, because we know that missed concepts can be very hard to overcome later on.


All Premo students participate in a weekly hands-on science lab. History comes alive through plays, debates, presentations, and reenactments. Fine arts are incorporated into every day.  Weekly yoga helps our students develop focus, organization, and strength. Our middle schoolers gain confidence and leadership skills with monthly presentations to the whole school. Monthly field trips help our students explore the world around them.


At The Premo School, children have the space and time to play, make mistakes, experiment, take risks, find their voices, reflect, and grow.  


Premo students love their school.


When a child loves their school, anything is possible.

"A good heart and a good head are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special."

-Nelson Mandela

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