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Fall 2020

In the fall of 2020, Premo’s very small size will be a huge asset. For example, we'll be able to keep our overall numbers below 40, and we can make sure our class groupings are 10 students or fewer. Increased cleaning protocols and unobtrusive wellness checks will help us make sure we’re taking good care of our school community. 


Premo sits on four beautiful wooded acres, allowing us to learn outdoors. With the addition of rainproof canopies, we will be able to have true outdoor classrooms, giving our students even more access to fresh air and an easy way to spread out without being confined to desks. The curriculum of our youngest grades will incorporate elements of the Forest School model of outdoor education, in which exploration of and immersion in the outdoors help children connect to academic concepts and gain independence and confidence.


If there are school closure directives that we must follow, we'll be able to move to our successful live virtual platform immediately. This will limit disruption both to the students and to their parents, who can trust that their students will be busy and engaged in a real, meaningful school no matter what. For our younger students, that means supplementing digital learning with "housecalls": regular visits from a teacher who can provide one-one instruction in compliance with social distancing guidelines.


We are proceeding optimistically and planning for a great year. Our size and flexibility give us a unique ability to meet challenges as they arise, and keep our students connected and learning every day.


School, No Matter What - Spring 2020 Review

"Premo gave our children a virtual school with a sense of community and family.” Parent of 3rd and 8th grade students.

"I liked that I could communicate with my teachers outside of school hours. I had continued learning, and we didn't do busy work or review. I still got a chance to see my friends and interact with them during class.” 7th grade student.


“The difference in the sense of community and level of engagement was tenfold what it was in our other kids’ schools.” Parent of a 2nd grade student.


“My son was busy, engaged and learning every day - and I didn’t have to do the teaching. Premo took care of school, so I could get my work done without worry.” Parent of a 5th grade student.


“I loved the interactive format. Students were actively engaged and the fact that a parent was not needed helped me out tremendously with having two other children and meeting their needs while working myself! Thank you, Premo!”

Parent of a 5th grade student



Quarantine was a sudden change for everyone, but at Premo, school never stopped. We still began each day with an all-school Morning Meeting. Students were then dismissed to live online classes for the rest of the day. After class, students and teachers could connect through an online schoolhouse platform. It was common for students to linger after class to chat with friends or receive extra help from teachers. The spirit of Premo’s virtual school was epitomized by the kindergarten’s final online class, when all the older students surprised our littlest learners with an all-school dance party.


We couldn't be more proud of our teachers and students for the way they rose to the occasion. While we wish circumstances were different, the school still had a true community feel, and the children were connected to each other and their teachers. Students stayed on track academically without parents needing to homeschool. Activities like teacher caravans, digital movie nights, scavenger hunts, and a virtual 5K helped the children feel less isolated. We cannot wait to be together in person again, but at Premo, school will always continue, no matter what.

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