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Michelle Webster

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3rd/4th Grade


Our 3rd/4th graders had great projects for The One and Only Ivan. For March, students are currently reading their own books. If students chose a book that is simpler than our cannon this year, they will need to add a second book for the month of March. In April/May, we will be reading Snow and Rose.  

5th/6th Grade

We finished Where the Red Fern Grows and have started reading Michael Vey. IMPORTANT: We have decided not to read Fever 1793 because of the intense media coverage of the coronavirus.  In its place, students will read the incredible story Esperanza Rising. However, if you’ve already purchased Fever 1793, please hold on to your copy; we hope to read it once things stabilize.

7th/8th Grade


Our 7th/8th graders are really enjoying Hamilton: The Revolution (many students have been pleasantly surprised). We have a lot of great outtakes so far for our Hamilton podcast. The students have done amazing jobs on their scripts, and I'm really proud of all of them. We are still working on figuring out the laws for putting Hamilton music with our podcast (at this point, it will be quicker and easier if we just go with random music that is royalty-free). We are also still trying to figure out the process of publishing the podcast. If you have any insider tips on this, I'd be happy for you to share them with me. My goal is for the podcast to go live, no later than the first week in April.


As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful babies with me! I hope everyone has a fabulous, sunny weekend! 

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