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Sarah Sullivano

Early Childhood Education Specialist |  ssullivano@thepremoschool.org 

This week in kindergarten we focused on a fun practice week of skills. We played counting games, patterning games, and number games. We are beginning to recognize more and more numbers as we count the days on the calendar as well as the days we’ve been in school. We use number lines, too, as a guide, matching to the numbers on the line. We played a game that had us recording numbers on our chalkboards. We really tried our best to write the number just as we saw it. We are at the point in the year that more and more opportunities for writing will be presented. We will continue to practice number (and letter) writing by tracing, air writing, and using multi-sensory activities such as shaving cream, sand, and playdough. In January, writing around the room will be introduced. The children will use clipboards and hunt for letters, numbers and words around the room, recording their findings as they go along. I love to watch them with clipboards. They feel so empowered and serious (and are pretty darn cute, too). We also played lots of letter/sound games this week. We use lowercase magnetic letters to match letter sounds to pictures so the children are becoming more confident in recognizing lowercase letters as well as letter sounds. We are working on ABC order, matching upper and lowercase letters, and listening for sounds in words at the beginning, middle, and end. We have music time each day and have a blast trying out the instruments. We especially love the rhythm sticks, which we also use to create sound patterns. We learned a call-back song about a turkey on the farm. At the end, the kids are the turkeys that we “shoo, shoo turkey” all around the room. We created special luminaries for our families that we also shared at the feast on Thursday, and Ms. Stonebraker brought in cranberries for us to clean for the feast. We asked the questions, “Do cranberries float? Are they always red? Do they grow on trees?” and discovered that they do indeed float, they can be red or white, and they grow on vines in a bog. The kids thought it would be fun to try to see if the cranberries could hold objects, which they did until the heavy gourd was placed on top. That ended up sinking to the bottom. On Thursday we enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving Feast with our Premo community. Our kindergartners just love the older students and are so happy to be a part of such a wonderful community. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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