Topaz Update

Literature with Ms. Edgington:

We are wrapping up James and the Giant Peach in the beginning of October with a vocabulary and comprehension test. After that, we will begin reading Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life by Bryan R. Johnson. This award-winning book contains seven short stories that culminate in a clever twist. The life lessons of caring for others, having a strong work ethic, and embracing teamwork are interwoven throughout the book. We will continue working on identifying themes, making inferences, and citing textual evidence to support comprehension. 

I am proud of the strong work ethic and enthusiasm for reading that this group continues to exhibit. They are highly engaged and eager to ask questions and share their knowledge. 

Math with Ms. Freck:

We are wrapping up our unit on place value and rounding. Everyone is doing great. We have brought in a number of games and activities to reinforce the topics. The students will have a test in the next week before we move on to an addition review. 

Science with Ms. Freck:

It has been an amazing month full of discovery and great questions. I admit that your students even asked a few questions that science hasn't quite answered yet. We learned about the difference between what is alive, dead, or not living. We learned about the main qualities for all of the animal classifications and learned how to use Venn Diagrams to talk about comparing and contrasting. Next, we move onto what animals need and the characteristics of animals before we move onto animal behavior. 


Writing with Ms. McGlathery:


Hello Parents! For the month of September, the Topaz group has been learning parts of speech. We introduced our first set, which included: nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. As well as being able to define and Identify these parts of speech, they also learned how to incorporate them into their writing for more exciting and complex sentences. Activities this unit included: Parts of Speech Jeopardy, Create your own Mad Libs, Short Story development as well as practice worksheets. Going forward, we will be working on our next set of parts of speech: prepositions, pronouns, and contractions. Once again, we will be learning how to define and identify as well as incorporate these into our writing. This will include a mixture of fun activities as well as writing prompts to continue developing writing stamina as well as sentence development.

History with Ms. Freck


We wrapped up our unit on Japan with an amazing time wood carving, learning about Ninjas, and a test for concepts and vocabulary. Everyone did a great job studying and understanding this turbulent time in Japan's history. We have now moved on to Medieval China. We have learned about vocabulary, landforms, and landmarks of China. We will be wrapping up our unit on China at the end of the month with a shadow puppet show of ancient Chinese myths and fables for the K and 1st graders. The students have all been placed in groups and given the stories that they will act out. This week we will begin learning about the different dynasties in China and how the people were affected by the Mongols. We also spent a day working on our long term board game projects. Your scholars have now moved onto the prototype phase. They have written down rules for their games and will be playtesting with mockups so we can see which rules work. 

Art with Ms. Cornwall:

Hello families! The past month has been quite eventful in art class.

The Topaz group focused on line and value for our realism chapter. At the beginning of the month, we finished our surrealism collage projects and began learning about realism. The students were introduced to drawing pencils and blending sticks. They were taught various shading techniques and learned how to create a value scale by drawing a gradient. We learned how to make flat shapes look three-dimensional by applying a blended value scale while focusing on creating highlights and shadows.

Each team created different projects that focused on line and value. The students learned how to make a contour line drawing. They chose random objects in the room and set up their own “still life” and drew it from observation. We also created a pattern line project where we practiced drawing different patterns and added different values to each pattern. 


Yoga with Ms. Hurst:

This month we are focusing on breath concentration to calm down our bodies and recognize how we are feeling.  We are excited to learn some new backbends and how they are beneficial to our bodies. We will be practicing different breathing techniques and discussing how they make us feel afterward. I have really enjoyed getting to know each student and look forward to what their yoga future will bring!


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