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Happy Valentine’s Day! We have managed to stay afloat and even somewhat dry in kindergarten! Well, we have had some fun, very soggy moments this week, jumping and running in puddles, pretend fishing in all of the new “ponds”, and even testing what natural objects sink or float! We welcomed our new friend, Anna, this week and we are so happy to have her in our class. Henry turned 4 on Saturday, and Corny turned 4 on Monday. We have loved celebrating these boys!

On Monday we experimented with baking soda and vinegar, mixing the two to discover the hidden color underneath. We noticed that when we used smaller droppers it took longer to discover the color, and a big pour of vinegar produced a bigger “fizz”. Some of us then painted fizzy hearts by pouring some baking soda on a heart cutout, dropping some food coloring, and spraying vinegar from a spray bottle onto it. We also made shaving cream and watercolor swirled hearts and lots of valentines at the collage center.


Dr. Goss made vegetable dumplings with us on Wednesday. We filled the dumpling and glued them with water, and we even tried some fancy wrapping, like a wonton! At first, some friends did not want to try it, but in the end, everyone took a small nibble and most everyone liked them. They really were delicious!

We sorted and graphed the special Cheerios that are shaped like hearts, and continued to practice pattern making. Tally marks were introduced this week and we used popsicle sticks to help us keep count. We are 10 school days away from our 100th Day in School! It is so exciting each morning as we count and move to the number of the day. We spin, hop, twirl, stand on one foot, clap, and march while we count. We also practice counting by tens and even mix it up a little by counting backward from 10. We talked about a special treat for Day 100 and decided that a pizza with 100 toppings would be tricky, but if we could make a friendship fruit salad or even a dessert pizza with 100 fruit toppings. We will send a note next week regarding Day 100 and let you know what we decide.


Finally, we had a low-key Thursday with math games, stories, and painting. We did get outside for a bit after lunch and enjoyed giving and receiving Valentines. Just a reminder that Monday is President’s Day and there will be no school. Enjoy your long weekend! 

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