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Sarah Sullivano

Early Childhood Education Specialist |  ssullivano@thepremoschool.org 

As an adult, do you think of 100 as a big number? In Early Childhood, we consider 100 to be a huge number. We celebrated our 100th day of school on Wednesday and explored 100 in lots of different ways. We started the morning by running through our Day 100 banner. We explored 100 throughout the day in many ways, including counting to 100 while exercising, popping bubble wrap in 100 seconds, building with 100 legos (and wooden blocks, pattern blocks, connecting cubes, and anything we could find!), writing 100 letters and words, and counting by tens to 100. Some of us made hats with 100 dot stickers and worked on a 100 piece puzzle. We used our tens frames to help us count 20 Paw Patrol cookies and discovered that five friends with 20 cookies equals 100! We measured our classroom countdown chain and found that all 5 of our students is equal to the length of the chain. We read stories and shared what we would like to have 100 of (a Pegasus, toys, the purple babies in her backpack, Starburst candies, and numbers!). We wore silly glasses, loved the 100 dollar bills with our own faces on them, and ate a pizza with 100 pieces of fruit on it (and it was gooood). It was a busy, fun, number-filled day, and we can’t wait until next year to do it again! 

More highlights from our week include remembering Dr. Seuss on his birthday by making pattern hats, reading some of his stories, and rhyming, rhyming, rhyming! Mystery Missing Letter Monday was great fun, especially with the middle schoolers helping us to find our last missing letter that happened to be an “e” disguised as Elsa from Frozen. We put the letters together to make the word “pet,” then shared words that rhyme with “pet.” I snuck a peek while my friends were at yoga, and Dr. Goss really knows how to make it fun! They did a yoga freeze-dance. In this activity, students dance and then freeze and do the yoga pose Dr. Goss calls out when it is time to freeze. Your kiddos are so great at yoga! We played in tunnel tubes during indoor recess and did get outside in the rain to ride bikes and scooters once this week. We painted a still-life of daffodils to bring some spring to our room. We read, painted with paints and water, sang, danced, and played together. 

Finally, we are learning how to be problem solvers every day, and have been learning about being “mediators” in the classroom. When two friends are struggling, one friend that is not involved in the conflict helps the two friends to try to find a resolution. I am always close by to observe and help(if needed), but quite often my help is not required. We tend to forget that even at this early stage of life, our children are very capable of being independent and resourceful. This is one of my favorite things about teaching this age (and there are some days I think they could do it all without me). They’ve learned so much in their 101 days of school, and I’m so proud of them!

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