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Marigold Update

Literature with Dr. Thomas:

In April, Marigold students will be selecting their own book to read! This unit is designed to teach students to find "just right" books for independent reading, build reading stamina, and promote their love of reading. Students will start by developing a reading calendar to hold themselves accountable (and so we can support them!) They will maintain a reading journal, which will be shared with a reading partner. Together they will discuss their books and compare and contrast their texts. Finally, students will choose a final project to share their book with the class.  You can find daily assignments on the class website:

Math with Ms. Rodgers:

In math,  Marigold is continuing to work on fractions.  We’ve completed our fraction concepts chapter and will be working on adding and subtraction fractions with like and unlike denominators.  We will then wrap up our unit with a chapter on multiplying and dividing fractions.  Along with fractions,  students are diligently working on their multiplication facts using our Multiplication Station curriculum.

Science with Ms. Rodgers:

In science,  Marigold has been learning about the states of matter and phase changes.  We will continue our study of matter by learning out mixtures and solutions.  In addition, assigned the April-May monthly project as a science fair project.  Students should have brought a letter home to help them choose a topic and these forms require your signature.   Project packets will be given to students when we return from break. 

Writing with Ms. McGlathery:

Hello Parents! For the month of April, Marigold will be working on a decade research project. They’ve
spent the first section of the project researching the entertainment, politics, fashion, and world news of the
decades 1900s-1990s. After this, the students will pick the decade they’re most interested in and
construct a research paper on why they chose that decade using relevant historical information. This will
help the students build relevant research skills in an area that they find interesting.

History with Ms. Freck:


We are in a fascinating period of history and have had some wonderful conversations. We are wrapping our discussion of the Battle of Hastings, Normandy, and how that affected the progression of the English language that we speak now. The students did an amazing job on their Crusades recruitment posters. When we come back from spring break, the students will be diving into an engineering project that replicates a machine that was developed during the middle ages, working on a creative project about a Norse myth, and learning about the plague. 


Art with Ms. Cornwall:

April will be a month full of art history and fun activities. The students will have art packets that will have information about different artists. Each student will have the opportunity to pick a favorite artist and make an artwork that imitates their work.

Yoga with Ms. Hurst:

This month we will be discussing the 5 niyamas of yoga which are “the do’s” of your daily life. We will be focusing on hip opening this month! Students will learn to identify the tension they are holding in their hip area and which poses best release it. 

Monthly Cohort Updates

Ms. Freck

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