Marigold Update

Literature with Dr. Thomas:

This month we started Front Desk, a new award-winning novel by Kelly Yang. This book covers the topic of immigration through the view of a ten-year-old girl who is running the front desk at a motel. It goes into her life of struggling for money and adjusting to America while drawing on memories from China. As we read this book, we will explore 'point of view' and character development. Students have been assigned a "journal project" where they keep a journal from the perspective of one of the main characters. Our next book will be Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, a fantasy graphic novel. You can find daily assignments and project guidelines on the class website:


Math with Ms. Rodgers:

Our Marigold students have begun working through The Multiplication Station.  They are working hard to reinforce conceptual understanding of multiplication as well as increase their fluency with the multiplication table. Students will work through 12 levels, with each level focused on a different set of facts. The facts are not presented sequentially but are grouped according to difficulty and patterns in multiplication. After 5 to 6 activities per level,  I will give students a brief oral quiz of the facts to assess their understanding of the strategies and facts taught in each level. I chose this program because it will help build fluency without the emphasis on rote memorization and pressured timed tests of other multiplication programs.   

Additionally, the Marigold group completed a mini-unit on bar modeling in problem-solving.  With this tool, students are better equipped to visualize word problems as we move through the curriculum.   We are currently reviewing and extending previous learning on the concept of place value with whole numbers and decimals.  Students will also review and extend the concept of rounding and learn to recognize the Associative and Commutative Properties of addition and multiplication. In the following unit, students will review and expand upon their previous studies of multidigit multiplication and division and explore the distributive property.

Science with Ms. Rodgers:

The 5th- 8th-grade science classes have started off our year with a unit on the Nature of Science. Students have learned that science is both a body of knowledge and a process that we can use to answer questions about the natural world.   We’ve learned the differences and similarities between scientific laws, theories,  hypotheses, and assumptions/opinions.  Finally, students learned about and practiced the steps of the scientific method which we will continue to apply ae each class engages with their science curriculum. Through our History of Science Timeline project, students have researched famous scientists and their contributions to science. As we complete this unit with a test,  each class will begin focusing on the life science standards for their grade level.

Writing with Ms. McGlathery:

Hello Parents! For the month of September, the Marigold group has been exploring the world of collaborative writing. Beginning with a project where they told a short story in pairs, we’ve since moved into our “Superhero Universe”. This project was done in three phases, first was the creation of characters as well as their “Superhero Origin Story” before moving into brainstorming and outlining for our collaborative story, before splitting into teams of two for the execution of the project. This activity is used to build a variety of skills in addition to collaboration, such as in-depth character development and the importance of outlining. Some of the characters include: A shape-shifting burrito, a two-headed sibling duo with mind control, and a werewolf-cartoon hybrid. Moving forward, we will be diving back into the world of academic writing with argumentative essays. We will be learning about the importance of research skills, as well as using that research to draw natural conclusions. 

History with Ms. Freck:

We wrapped up our unit on Japan with an amazing time wood carving, learning about Ninjas, and a test for concepts and vocabulary. Everyone did a great job studying and understanding this turbulent time in Japan's history. We have now moved on to Medieval China. We have learned about vocabulary, landforms, and landmarks of China. We will be wrapping up our unit on China at the end of the month with a shadow puppet show of ancient Chinese myths and fables for the K and 1st graders. The students have all been placed in groups and given the stories that they will act out. This week will begin learning about the different dynasties in China and how the people were affected by the Mongols. We also spent a day working on our long term board game projects. Your scholars have now moved onto the prototype phase. They have written down rules for their games and will be playtesting with mockups so we can see which rules work.  

Art with Ms. Cornwall:

Our Marigold team focused on line and value for our realism chapter. At the beginning of the month, we finished our surrealism collage projects and began learning about realism. The students were introduced to drawing pencils and blending sticks. They were taught various shading techniques and learned how to create a value scale by drawing a gradient. We learned how to make flat shapes look three-dimensional by applying a blended value scale while focusing on creating highlights and shadows.

Each team created different projects that focused on line and value. The students learned how to make a contour line drawing. They chose random objects in the room and set up their own “still life” and drew it from observation. We also created a pattern line project where we practiced drawing different patterns and added different values to each pattern. 

Yoga with Ms. Hurst:

This month we are focusing on learning new backbends. Students enjoy these postures as they are fun and create more space in the spine. We are still working on breath concentration, working to be mindful of how we breathe throughout the entire class. Students are encouraged to move inward while we practice, giving their full attention to their own movements and staying present throughout class. 

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