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Science 7th/8th:


This week we finished the chemistry unit and took a brief respite to do some leaf rubbings and identify different foliage from around campus. Students created a beautiful tree in the classroom!

Science 5th/6th:


This week students delved deeper into classification and food chains. We played a fun game using animal identification cards to make chains and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  We all learned some news animal facts in regard to what animals eat and what eats them!



Each week during yoga we repeat a sequence of movements. This week was more about the fun in yoga and practicing poses that they really enjoy getting their bodies into!  In 7th and 8th grade, I had a student come up and teach the first part of the sequence, Sun Salutation A. It went well and we really worked up a sweat this week, well, I did!! We also spent some time during yoga class to think about Thanksgiving and what we are grateful for in our lives. 


Art 2nd/3rd/4th:


2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders painted their clay relief sculptures this week.  They added realistic colors and learned how to successfully apply paint to textured surfaces.  We also worked on techniques in class such as contour drawing and texture with line.


Art 5th/6th:


This class had a chance to paint their clay pieces that they made during our clay play day! They also worked on Far Side Comics based on a Thanksgiving theme.  

Art 7th/8th: 


This week students added a few facial features onto their clay faces including noses and cheeks.  Each feature has its own technique and they are really working hard to develop a more realistic style in their sculpture.  


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