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Book Club 2nd:


We are continuing with Wishtree.  We are adding to our wish tree that we painted and added leaves to last week.  As the boys learn about explicit and implicit questions, we attach our work to the tree! I will send a picture next week! Each student takes turns reading and we discuss the book at length each day. 


Yoga (All Grade Levels):


This week in yoga, I worked with students on crow pose and firefly. These are arm-balance poses that require a lot of core strength and concentration, but they are so much fun. The students love trying them, and we talk about safe ways to practice. I also guided them through meditation about loving their bodies as they are.  


Art 2nd-4th:


This week in art, students finished the borders of the story quilts and wrote their stories. Next week I will be recording each student telling their story and creating individual QR codes. Roswell Public Library has agreed to display their art for the public to see! I will get back to you with dates!


Art 5th/6th:


This week we worked more with color and color theory. I also introduced a new medium, chalk pastels! They learned how to blend and build color. We will use these skills to create fantastical fish and color them with chalk pastels.


Art 7th/8th:


Students are back to work on their large-scale pop art sculptures. They are moving from the mini models to the large-scale models, and soon we will be using paper mache. The problem solving and teamwork is amazing on this project. I am so pleased with the progress.  

























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