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Book Club 2nd:


 The boys and I are really exploring the book and all the hidden layers it holds. This week we focused on reading aloud and determining the main idea of a paragraph and its supporting details. We are always adding to the tree we created, and this week we added a new animal family!

Yoga (All Grade Levels):


This week in yoga, we went through the entire asana practice and worked on extensions of the poses and form.  The yoga partner cards are almost done and I will be making them into a deck for the students.  We are doing longer meditations on Tuesdays now and they are really doing well with that!

Art 2nd-4th:


This week in art, students began the sketch for their Van Gogh painting. We will be experimenting with using "thick" paint and showing visual texture just like Van Gogh did! Students are also creating landscapes that have a foreground, middle ground, and background making the art layered and very beautiful.

Art 5th/6th:


We started a new project about optical art that will include learning more about the movement and the artists that were a part of it. Students will learn about shading and negative space, and the final products are going to look amazing.


Art 7th/8th:


The pop-art sculptures are still going strong! Paper mache is going well and painting will begin soon!

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