Weekly Update from Ms. Freck

Liz Freck

Connections Specialist 

Science 2nd-4th:


This week we finished up our unit on Plants and everyone had a test on Wednesday. They all did wonderfully and they really understood the process of photosynthesis and why it is important. 


Connections 2nd-8th:

Wow! The competition was fierce this week. We wrapped up our unit on local government by completing a round of the game, Governments Work. It is an online game where each student got to listen to the residents of the town that they created. They were able to choose which programs should be started and which should be rejected. They also practiced what types of programs are headed up by Community Health, Parks and Rec, Public Works, Public Safety, Community Assistance, and the Education Department. They also got to control taxes and decide when it was time to expand their communities to make room for more residents. At the end of the simulation, they found out if their public approval rating was high enough for reelection. 

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