First Grade & Kinder Update

Note from Ms. Sullivano:

“What did you enjoy this week in kindergarten?” “I love yoga and doing downward dog.” “I liked making applesauce.” “I like doing art.” “I like yoga and doing child’s pose.” As you can see, yoga and art are two of our favorite things in kindergarten. It’s always fun when they show me their favorite poses or share their artwork from art class. Kindergarten is truly a year full of wonder and joy, from finding a slimy slug and building it a mansion ( lucky slug!) to climbing a tree for the very first time (and figuring out how to get back down), to perfecting that downward dog. I love that I get to go to kindergarten every day and share it with your kids!

    We explored apples and pumpkins this week. We used our senses to compare apples to pumpkins. We made pumpkins fly, compared the weights of apples and pumpkins, as well as different sized pumpkins and gourds. While comparing, we learned about “greater than, less than, and equal to”. We discovered that pumpkins, gourds, and apples can float in water. We talked about leaves in the fall, collected leaves, and created a leaf pumpkin with the first graders. We made our own rhyming leaf poem as we continue to explore rhyming words. We found missing words in our Autumn Fairy poem, were introduced to a new pumpkin poem and made letters with playdough. We even tasted applesauce with Milly’s Mom, mashing three varieties of apples and trying each to see which we liked best.

    We have been reviewing letters and sounds through games, songs, and writing. This class loves to write and spends quite a bit of time creating books, letters, and even treasure maps, sounding out words both on their own and with a little help. We started the year learning that we can use pictures to tell our stories and don’t always need words. We’ve moved into a new stage where letters represent words and sounds, and some sight words are being used in our writing. A favorite activity is to share our completed work from the Author’s Chair when we are finished. We also love to have the First Grade come over to share their writing. 

    One area of the room that continues to be a big favorite is our building area. This week a Spooky House took up residence. It was very detailed and I loved listening to the discussion between friends working on this building on where to put certain blocks and accents. Math found its way into the fun through counting, sorting, and measuring. There was also problem-solving and learning from trial and error (lots of blocks fell and mini pumpkins went rolling, but they found ways to make it all work). Although the end product was a beautiful sight to see, the process was indeed my favorite part. 

    Next week we will continue our pumpkin inquiry with pumpkin stories and facts, pumpkin art, and pumpkin math and science. We even have plans to jump in the leaves! Enjoy your long weekend!

Note from Ms. Thomas:

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Thank you for bringing in the extra materials. We had a great time using them for our activities last week. 


Last week, we concentrated on nonfiction books during our farm theme. We learned about farm crops, corn, and cows! This week we will continue with our Nonfiction Farm Unit. 


I have also had the opportunity to read with all of the students independently and we will continue one-on-one instruction in reading to meet their specific needs.  


In word study, students are working with word/ sound sorts that are individualized for their needs. Not all students will be working with the same words/ sounds. This will help them in their reading and writing. 


We are continuing with narrative writing. Last week we began learning about the details in the beginning of a narrative story. That includes adding who, where, when, what, why, and how. This will help them to add details to their stories. 


We will be finishing up addition and subtraction soon. We have been working on fluency with facts and solving word problems. 


In science, we will complete some farm-themed investigations! 


If you haven’t sent in a family picture, please do! :)


Looking forward to another great week!

Art with Ms. Cornwall:

The past month has been quite eventful in art class. In the K-1 class, we focused on the color wheel and learned about complementary colors. We created Fall-related drawings and learned how to draw pumpkins and different types of trees. The students were able to develop their paper cutting and coloring skills and really enjoyed creating these projects!

Yoga with Ms. Hurst:

This month we are exploring different breathing techniques and how they make us feel. A singing bowl is played at the start of each class as we listen carefully and allow the soothing sounds to bring us into the present moment. To end each class we mediate on our mats staying still and focusing on our breathing, allowing our bodies to recharge before we continue our school day. 

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