First Grade & Kinder Update

Note from Ms. Sullivano:

Do you like ice cream or icees? Do you like Paw Patrol? Do you like to play outside? These are just a few of the questions our class came up with for a “Question of the Day” inquiry. Each morning when they arrive, the children read the Question of the Day and write their name in a column. Some are “Yes” and “No” type questions, while others are more like “ Would you rather” questions. Today, one friend decided to make his own QOTD sheet, asking if we like ice cream or icees, then added cookies. We talked about how some days we might like ice and other days ice cream, so today’s results may differ from another time. Another friend got right to work and created her own QOTD, “Do you like Paw Patrol?” Soon everyone in the class was creating their own “QOTD”. It is so much fun to see this authentic learning in our classroom. What a wonderful opportunity for exploring writing, handwriting, phonics, and reading! Not to mention, it opened up some great conversations on how we can change our minds, how some of us like things that others do or may not like, and even a short conversation on voting and poll-taking! 

Although it was a shorter week than normal, there was so much learning taking place. We read two versions of The Little Red Hen and compared the stories (characters, setting, little details that were similar and different). We talked about how hard she worked and her friends did not. The class was very concerned that she did not share her cake/bread with the others, even though she had done all the work. We talked about some ways they might have handled the situation, and most decided they would talk to their friends about how it felt to do all the work, and then share the treat afterwards. Finally, we retold the story as a skit, with two unicorns, a cheetah, and a mermaid as the characters. We also  learned the sight words, “No”, “am”,”I”, and “a”, and used special glasses and highlighters to hunt for sight words in a little reader.

We have been exploring numbers to ten and now twenty in our Math Investigations. We used a number line to help us count, count-on, and order numbers. We identified numbers in many different forms, and matched numbers to objects (a good introduction to addition). We recorded numbers on paper and chalkboards. We even played a game that introduced some addition skills. We are in the process of creating a number wall for our classroom. We are learning that math is everywhere, including calendars, weather, nature, and even reading!

We continued our Farm Inquiry, talking about animals and things that grow on the farm. Lots of us like things like carrots and apples, some of us like tomatoes, and not many of us like Brussel sprouts. Through our observations, we noticed fruits and vegetables come in so many vibrant colors. We talked about color and did a color-mixing activity. We will tie a color study into our farm inquiry throughout the coming weeks, as the class was super excited to explore colors. 

We have officially been in school for 15 days. Our class truly feels like a family. They enjoy each other throughout the day, help one another in many different ways, and have lots of fun together. One day this week, I stepped back to observe them all working together on a project that they created (again, hooray for authentic learning!). I loved listening to them share ideas and thoughts with one another, and create together. They are truly joyful learners! 


Enjoy your weekend!

Note from Ms. Thomas:

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Thank you for bringing in the extra materials. We had a great time using them for our activities last week. 


Last week, we concentrated on nonfiction books during our farm theme. We learned about farm crops, corn, and cows! This week we will continue with our Nonfiction Farm Unit. 


I have also had the opportunity to read with all of the students independently and we will continue one-on-one instruction in reading to meet their specific needs.  


In word study, students are working with word/ sound sorts that are individualized for their needs. Not all students will be working with the same words/ sounds. This will help them in their reading and writing. 


We are continuing with narrative writing. Last week we began learning about the details in the beginning of a narrative story. That includes adding who, where, when, what, why, and how. This will help them to add details to their stories. 


We will be finishing up addition and subtraction soon. We have been working on fluency with facts and solving word problems. 


In science, we will complete some farm-themed investigations! 


If you haven’t sent in a family picture, please do! :)


Looking forward to another great week!

Art with Ms. Cornwall:

We had a pleasant first week getting to know each other. We took a nice nature walk and gathered materials for a future landscape project. We also made self-portraits, and the kids absolutely loved it! They drew themselves as their favorite foods, rainbows, flowers, and all of the childlike imaginative things. We also started a new project called the "Red Dot Project" where each person starts out with a white piece of paper that has one red circle on it. The objective is to turn the red dot into anything you want. The students got really creative with this project, and they seemed to have a lot of fun with it! 

Yoga with Ms. Hurst:

Hello families! Yoga is off to an exciting start. We have been learning how to do deep belly breaths and discussing when these breaths can be useful off of the mat. We are learning various balancing poses and how deep breathing can assist with our concentration during balancing postures and beyond. We have learned our sun dance which is a yoga song with movements that can help your students do yoga on their own; I’m sure they would love you show you!

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