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Math with Ms. Freck (2nd-3rd):

What an exciting multiplication adventure we are on. We have now introduced 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10s times tables. We paused this week to introduce some fun games and reinforce what we have learned so far. The students are becoming more and more confident with filling out multiplication charts and understanding the value of learning multiplication. 

Science 2nd-4th:

Space is the final frontier! We are continuing our journey through our solar system and we learned about Earth and Mars this week. We paused on Mars and spent two days learning about Mars itself and also about the history of our fascination with the red planet. We reviewed literature, movies and the plans for our continued missions to Mars. 

We finished the week with a creative assignment that is due on Monday. They must creatively tell or show me the answers to these three questions. 

The time has come that we must leave for Mars or perish!! 

1. Why do we have to leave Earth? 

2. What will we find on Mars when we get there? 

3. What do we want to do when we get there? 


This is a brain exercise so there are no parameters on answers. 


We are also getting closer to our “Expo of Intergalactic Travel”. Each student will have a tri-fold board to complete and a brochure on their assigned planets. A rubric will be sent home this week with more info. 

Connections 2nd-8th:

Our upcycling website is coming along and we are planning to launch before the end of the month. We are still in need of glass bottles and used t-shirts, clothes, or fabric. The students are rocking at their woven rugs so get ready to be impressed with their skills. 

We also had an amazing time learning about what primaries are and we even had our own primary on Super Tuesday. 

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