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Liz Freck

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Math with Ms. Freck (2nd-3rd):

We are continuing our math journey as we climb the Mt. Doom of Multiplication. We added in the 10s times tables and introduced the joy of multiplication charts. We have an exciting week coming up as we play our Minecraft Multiplication game and learn how helpful multiplication is in the real world of travel planning. 

Science 2nd-4th:

We wrapped our Magnet unit on Monday by diving into the world of rare earth magnets. We found out how they are great for magic tricks and also for pinching fingers since they are such strong magnets. We extended our learning and talked about how the Earth is one big magnet. We are currently spending some time reviewing Earth's hydrosphere and magnetosphere (Magneto!?! Watch out, Professor X) before we launch into SPACE!! All the students are thrilled about shifting our eyes and attention to the stars. 

Connections 2nd-8th:

Our website is starting to take shape and our first blog post was written (Great Job, Luca!). We learned about the world of glass cutting and how exciting it is. Students got the chance to score glass (wearing cut-resistant gloves) and then alternate boiling and cold water on the scoreline till the glass separates. We continued to weave more of our shirts into rugs and continued to add more ideas to our huge upcycling idea wall. Updates coming soon on when the website will go live. 

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