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The Exotic Zebras Math 4th:


This week we continued our fraction unit with an exploration of improper fractions, mixed numbers, and equivalent fractions. After students learned how to find the least common multiple, they learned the step by step process of changing un-like fractions into like fractions using the least common denominator method. This proved to be a bit difficult at first, but students stuck with it and felt confident and proud of themselves by the end of the lesson. We also spent some time practicing long division with a remainder which the students all seemed to especially enjoy.

The Golden Phoenixes Math 5th/6th:

This week we continued with our fraction unit. Students reviewed improper fractions, mixed numbers, and equivalent fractions. They refreshed their knowledge of finding the least common multiple and the least common denominator and then practiced changing un-like fractions to like fractions. We also took some time out from fractions to complete some division problems using decimals. We want to keep all of the new math skills that they are learning this year at the forefront of their minds.

History 2nd-4th:

We had an extra busy week in history. We spent some time learning about what life was like in both Athens and Sparta. Students took turns reading aloud, watched a short video, and compared and contrasted the two very unique Greek cities. We then moved onto Greece's war with Persia and later the Peloponnesian Wars that were fought from 431 to 404 BC/BCE. I'm continually impressed by the thoughtful class discussions that take place among these nine students. Each one contributes respectfully and wholeheartedly.

History 5th/6th:

We had a full week in history and accomplished even more than usual. We read chapters 22, 24, and 25, watched a video about Athens and Sparta, engaged in class discussions, and independently completed comprehension questions. Next week we will be turning our attention to the people of the Americas and the mystery of the Nazca drawings.

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