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History 2nd/3rd/4th:

This week we finished our study of the United States government. The students took notes and watched a TED-Ed about how the founding fathers created the executive branch. We also reviewed the role of each branch of government by playing a lively quiz game of "Trashketball" that involved answering questions and throwing a "trash ball" into a basket. I'm proud of how hard the students worked on this unit. We will pick up our study of history with our Story of the World book once we return from Thanksgiving.

History 5th-6th:

This week we wrapped up our United States government unit. We focused on the executive branch of government and the students took notes while watching a TED-Ed entitled Inventing the American PresidencySome of the students were outraged to learn that the framers of the Constitution only intended for white males to be elected president or even vote. A thoughtful and lively discussion ensued. We played a spirited game of "Trashketball" to review for our government quiz. We will pick up our study of history with our Story of the World book once we return from Thanksgiving.

Book Club 2nd:

This week we continued popcorn reading Mercy Watson to the Rescue and focused on new vocabulary words. We also practiced new spelling words and I read a couple of chapters aloud from Stuck in the Stone Age.  For The Story Pirates Present: Stuck in the Stone Age, the Story Pirates teamed up with bestselling middle-grade author Geoff Rodkey, of The Tapper Twins series, to solicit story ideas from kids. The winning entry came from Tennessee 6th grader Vince Boberski, who imagined a pair of modern-day scientists who are transported back to prehistoric times, where they have to use their wits to face down a myriad of B.C.-era hazards, with only one problem: one scientist, Tom Edison (no relation to that Tom Edison) isn’t very good at science, and the other, Dr. Morice, isn’t very good with people. The Story Pirates are a nationally respected media and education organization founded in 2004 to celebrate the words, ideas, and stories of young people. They also have a long-running podcast that I highly recommend. 

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