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The Exotic Zebras Math 4th:


We began this week with a quiz over the multiplication concepts that we have been focusing on for the past few weeks. After I passed back the graded quizzes, students made corrections to the problems that they missed and I clarified any confusion that they had. The word problems proved to be the most difficult portion of the quiz for the majority of the class so we spent extra time working through those together. Quizzes were sent home with students on Thursday. We began a new unit by working with units of time. Students used their sharply honed multiplication skills to convert hours to minutes and solve equations with money.


The Golden Phoenixes Math 5th/6th:


Students learned about decimals in measuring units this week. They worked in groups to practice converting between different units such as meters to centimeters, kilometers to meters, liters to milliliters, kilograms to grams, and miles to feet. They also took a quiz on multiplying and dividing decimals. In the coming weeks, we will spend some more time working on the metric unit and then begin our statistics and graphing unit. 


History 2nd-4th:


We spent an exciting week learning about Greek mythology. Students enjoyed watching an engaging music video about Greek gods and goddesses from FlocabularyThey then chose a god or goddess to research. All of the research is taking place in class using age-appropriate library books and websites. Students will be presenting their informational reports to peers at the end of the week. 


History 5th/6th:


This week we continued discussing Greek mythology and learning about the gods of Olympus. Students are working on a Readers' Theatre activity in which they will be acting out some of the myths. Later this week they will be choosing a god or goddess to research. They will be creating a presentation using information from library books (that I have on hand) and age-appropriate websites. This will take place in class. 


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