Rose Quartz Update

History with Ms. Freck:


We are wrapping up our unit on current events. We also spent time learning about the court system. This is a great year to be studying about the election process. Next week, we will begin the process of working through History through the eyes of Indigenous Peoples. We will learn about the different perspectives of history and begin to thoughtfully work through the history of the US.  

Literature with Dr. Thomas:


This class has been busy! After finishing The New Kid, students read the American classic, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. While reading this book, students explored the literary elements of the text. Moreover, students dove into segregated life in the South during the 1930s - 1950s and how race and economics played a role in the lived experiences of Maya Angelou. Students wrote a companion essay in writing class to bring together the ideas and discussions from the book. Our next text, Thank you for Voting, explores the right to vote as we approach our next election. While reading this book, students are reading primary source documents like The Constitution, The Voting Rights Act of 1965, and famous speeches. Not only are students learning about their civic duty, but they are learning how to read non-fiction texts for meaning. Our next book will be Akata Witch, a fantasy novel.

Writing with Ms. Cody:

Students have fully delved into the daunting task of writing a literary analysis. The culmination of students’ reading, annotating, and analysis of perspectives have been the foundation of this essay. Students have turned in their initial drafts and will begin revision which will mostly take place at home. In class, we have embraced October and all things spooky. Writers have begun with an excerpt from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and will compare her enduring novel with modern-day pieces such as Lovecraft Country. As students consider and refine their voices, they will write and share their own horror stories around a makeshift campfire. Stay tuned!

Math with Ms. Rodgers:


Our 7th and 8th-grade Algebra students are steadily working through their Algebra curriculum.  After completing Unit 1 on the Real Number System, Unit 2 focuses on extending student’s equation-solving skills to more complicated equations and inequalities. Students will begin Unit 3 on Relations and Functions toward the end of October.

Science with Ms. Rodgers:

Our Premo 5th-8th graders are all focusing on the life sciences during the fall semester.  While all three groups Marigold, Emerald, and Rose Quartz touch on the same concepts, each level increases the depth of study.  For example,  our current science unit is on The Characteristics and Classification of Life. Our Marigold students are learning about the Linnean Classification System and will learn how this applies to the classification of animals and plants.  Emerald students will extend this topic to the study of the other kingdoms (fungi, protista, monera), while Rose Quartz students will also learn about the connections between the Linnean Classification system and the evolution of organisms through phylogenetic trees and cladograms. Experiments and activities in this unit will include growing potatoes,  a leaf study/classification of plants at school, and developing a dichotomous key to classify “alien” species.

After the conclusion of this unit, students will begin a unit on adaptations (Marigold), genetics/heredity (Marigold and Emerald), and evolution/natural selection (Rose Quartz).

Art with Ms. Cornwall:


Hello families! Rose Quartz focused on line and value for our realism chapter. At the beginning of the month, we finished our surrealism collage projects and began learning about realism. The students were introduced to drawing pencils and blending sticks. They were taught various shading techniques and learned how to create a value scale by drawing a gradient. We learned how to make flat shapes look three-dimensional by applying a blended value scale while focusing on creating highlights and shadows.

After completing the value scales, Rose Quartz learned different shading techniques and practiced drawing a glass jar. Then we began working on creating a realistic eye portrait by using a photo reference. The students were taught how to measure and draw from observation. They will also begin another realistic portrait by using a grid technique. 


Once our teams finish our realism projects we will be learning about Impressionism. We will start a painting project that I think the students will really enjoy. 

Yoga with Ms. Hurst:


This month we are focusing on the twist! Twisting postures are a great way to detoxify the body and relieve the spine from any discomfort caused by sitting down for long periods of time. We are also still working on lengthening our inhales and exhales as our goal is to get them to be 6-8 seconds each, and to be able to maintain this breath throughout the class. This yogi breath allows students to mindfully move from one posture to the next while also building heat in the body making the stretches more effective and ensuring safety.  


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