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Rose Quartz Update

History with Ms. Cody:

Our historians will be reading first-hand accounts and reviewing legislation passed during the civil war. Students will also see alliances made between marginalized groups in the growing US territory. Additionally, students will be applying what they're learning to a personal call-to-action about how they will take what they're learning into actionable steps toward allyship outside of the classroom. 

Literature with Dr. Thomas:


This month we are reading the nonfiction book, The Omnivore's Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat. In this unit, students analyze authors' and speakers' purposes and evaluate the claims they make. The book is about where food comes from and how it gets to our plate. As they read the text, they are involved in a study of the author's purpose and how to determine what that is. At the same time, they analyze videos of speeches and interviews on the same topic of food and how it gets to our plate in order to analyze a speaker's purpose. Moreover, students will develop a deeper understanding of agribusiness, "food politics", sustainability, and making choices.

Writing with Ms. Cody:

Students will be crafting a careful, personalized call-to-action toward allyship. 

Math with Ms. Rodgers:

Our four algebra students are doing incredibly well in their math studies.  I am so proud of them!  They are currently learning exponent rules and applying them to simplifying fairly complicated algebraic expressions.  After the break,  they will tackle exponential functions and geometric sequences.  The following chapter is on polynomials and introductions quadratics equations. 

Science with Ms. Rodgers:

In science,  students are memorizing a good portion of the symbols on the periodic table.  They have learned the first 36 elements and will learn through 86!  In addition,  we are exploring atomic structure and models and the structure of the periodic table which will lead us to learn about chemical bonding and reactions. 

Art with Ms. Cornwall:


During the month of April, Rose Quartz will work on their first collaboration project. We will study street art and mural artists, and then students will collaborate together on painting their own mural on large paper. 

Yoga with Ms. Hurst:


This month we will be discussing the 5 niyamas of yoga which are “the do’s” of your daily life. Our focus area will be the hips as we hold more advanced hip postures for longer than usual in order to really open them up and create more space all while continuing the use of our breath. 


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