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Students have officially hit the Agricultural Revolution. Students will break apart the first half of the time period with presentations and group-chosen creative elements. It will be an exciting time as we move forward throughout history and can look more fully into recognizable human cultures and social structures. The second exam was returned on Monday if you'd like to review your child's test.


Writing 7/8:


This week we continued our journey through poetry. Students have been annotating wizards and so thoughtful and eager to share. We've had great discussions with formalized poetry and modern-day poets.


Writing 5/6:


We've had the best time in class reading and writing micro-fictions. Students have been exploring the art of storytelling and adding subtle mystery to engage an audience. As we discussed in class, a good micro-fiction will leave the reader with questions and multiple possibilities. Additionally, we've been reviewing and re-applying structure to written work which is not there to punish but to make it easier for the reader to engage.

Writing 2/3/4:

 Students continued to practice their cursive letters. Don't be surprised if you see some autographs around the house :). Additionally, students received an exciting holiday assignment to interview an older family member or neighbor. We've been practicing good interviewing skills, starting with engaging questions. We can't wait to see our students' interviews after the break!

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