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Students are continuing to work on their writing and artistic pieces. Consultations with Dr. Goss have been underway to refine artistic directions while students have worked with me to clarify narratives. Additionally, students have been reading ahead in the section “Unification of Humankind” and learning that three systems have brought humans together: money, religion, and politics. For now, we’re reviewing the historical role of money.


Writing 7th/8th:

Most of our writing class has been dedicated to crafting the narrative piece that will go along with students’ shadow boxes. If you haven’t talked with them about their ideas, you really should. These children are processing the world they live in in such beautiful, artistic, creative, and intelligent ways. I am blown away by their vision and humbled by their discourse. I feel like we’ve been granted a tiny window to look at the inner workings of their minds and hearts. I’ve watched them process pain and joy, and the whole experience has left me even more grateful to be a teacher and more loyal to the beauty of letting children explore and direct their learning. 


Writing 5th/6th:

Math made in appearance in our writing room this week, and let’s just say most students were…caught off guard. 🙃  As students build their stories, we’ve been discussing how authors are intentional with grammar, word choice, and engagement. Using a very pragmatic exercise, we first broke open students’ Michael Vey bookclub book and looked at the first page. We counted the total number of words, then counted how many times the author used figurative language and sensory detail. We divided that total by the total number of words so that students could see a percentage. They then applied the same strategy to their own writing and either discovered they had too much or too little figurative language and sensory detail. We also applied this exercise to prepositional phrases because if too many are used (exceeding around 20%) it can bog the storyline down and confuse the reader. 

Writing 2nd-4th:

Students have continued their penmanship, and we can’t emphasize enough how beautifully their cursive writing is coming along! Spelling lists were given out on Monday and students took their quizzes on Thursday, so please keep an eye out for those in their binders. Students dipped into grammar with Ms. Edgington’s reading of “Punctuation Celebration” and learned about the very fancy semicolon, and how and when to use one; of course we did so with our pinkies up. Finally, students have begun final drafts. We are so excited for you all to read these riveting stories . 

Math 6th/8th:

We have continued our deep dive into geometry, specifically the world of triangles. The math appears foreign and some students have felt overwhelmed. We’ve slowed down and focused on practicing together as a class. When students remember to do one task at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed by the whole, they do much better. I am so proud of the way they work together and help each other along.  It is challenging but rewarding.

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