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Emerald Update 

Math with Ms. Rodgers:

We’ve had two new students join us in Emerald and both are great additions to the group.  The Panda math students are almost done with their unit on Algebraic expressions and will soon begin learning how to solve one-step equations and inequalities. This is the first time many of these students have worked with formal algebra notation,  and they are doing very well!

Our Algebros are learning about functions, linear equations, and inequalities.  The boys are learning to represent these relationships in graphs, tables, equations, and in word problem form. 

Both groups will be doing “geometry minutes” at the beginning of class most days.  We will be using that time to review and introduce geometry concepts during these last months of school.

In addition,  you will notice statics woven into the science fair monthly project.  Students will be taught and then apply measures of central tendency and graphing of data to report and analyze the results of their experiments.

Science with Ms. Rodgers:

In science,  Emerald had been studying the properties and phases of matter.  They are now currently reviewing the atomic structure and will be learning about the organization of the periodic table when we return from break.  We will then move on to learning about chemical reactions.

As mentioned above,  students will also be working on their science monthly projects which will be present on May 19th.  We will make every effort to guide each student through this fun process,  and appreciate your support at home.


Literature with Dr. Thomas:

This month, we are turning into detectives! Students will read the Newberry Award-winning book, Three Times Lucky, by Shelia Turnage. This book follows Mo LoBeau. A spunky rising sixth-grader who is looking forward to summer. She’ll take karate with her best friend, Dale Earnhardt Johnson III (whose daddy believes in naming for the famous), and plot against her sworn enemy, Anna Celeste (aka Attila). She’ll help out at the café run by the Colonel and Miss Lana, and continue her lifelong search for her upstream mother. But when the café’s crankiest customer turns up dead and a city-slick lawman shows up asking questions, Mo’s summer takes an unexpected turn. As we read this mystery, students will maintain clue boards and discuss possible suspects!

Writing with Ms. McGlathery:

Hello Parents! For the month of April, Emerald will be moving into Argument and Claims, we will be
analyzing the “Case” of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The students will pick a side and write an essay
supporting their decision on whether or not Goldilocks was in the wrong. This will allow them to utilize
critical thinking skills as well as continuing to support claims with evidence.

History with Ms. Freck:

We are in a fascinating period of history and have had some wonderful conversations. We are wrapping our discussion of the Battle of Hastings, Normandy, and how that affected the progression of the English language that we speak now. The students did an amazing job on their Crusades recruitment posters. When we come back from spring break, the students will be diving into an engineering project that replicates a machine that was developed during the middle ages, working on a creative project about a Norse myth, and learning about the plague. 

Art with Ms. Cornwall:

April will be a month full of art history and fun activities. The students will have art packets that will have information about different artists. Each student will have the opportunity to pick a favorite artist and make an artwork that imitates their work. 

Yoga with Ms. Hurst:

This month we will be discussing the 5 niyamas of yoga which are “the do’s” of your daily life. We will be focusing on hip opening this month! Students will learn to identify the tension they are holding in their hip area and which poses best release it.  


Monthly Cohort Updates

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