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Students presented on the differences in gender and will begin exploring the role hierarchies have played in their personal lives. Students have learned that every sapien has experienced pressure through cultural definitions of class, race, and gender. Partnering with Dr. Goss, students will visually represent how each of these categories affects them.


Writing 7th/8th:

Writers have been practicing the craft of sensory detail and figurative language. Students presented their alien/commercial writing and then worked with partners to craft short sentences describing an object with vivid adjectives. Additionally, students were assigned a longer writing task (only a paragraph) about a person by using these writing techniques. Students will present these paragraphs on Wednesday.


Writing 5th/6th:

Students completed their artist presentations and began exploring different literary devices. As we continue to make our way through these writing techniques, students will begin crafting writing using these devices.

Writing 2nd-4th:

Students presented their collages with new vocabulary and began a writing activity on self-love to celebrate Valentines. Additionally, students have been practicing spelling and penmanship.

Math 6th/8th:

Students began their exploration into the many facets of geometry. This week they took a quiz over angles, lines, and how to find the area of polygons, triangles, and parallelograms. These upcoming week students will begin exploring the area and perimeter of irregular shapes.

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